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Let’s move one man home for the holidays today!


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Today we are raising $2,000 to move one man home.

It’s Giving Tuesday, a national day of philanthropy where compassionate people across the nation contribute to making their communities even better. For Giving Tuesday, we have a small challenge with a big impact: One man moves home today! (at least!)

Men's Shelter of Charlotte gave me shelter, an opportunity to get my education, and confidence to get on my feet.

Together we can raise $2,000 in one day to move someone into a home for the holidays. $2,000 covers the first three months of rent, application fees, security deposit, property inspection, and utilities fees.

Consider John’s story.*

John and his daughter were living with his mother but discovered that he could jeopardize his mother’s government subsidized housing. John left his mother’s home- and his daughter- with no place to go. But instead of living on the streets he had our shelter to turn to. Not only did he find a safe place to sleep, shower, and eat, he had the chance to meet with a professional case manager.

 We found out he had a disability claim pending. The case manager reached out to various community partners and agencies. Together they created a plan to support and stably house John and reunite him with his daughter, while he waits on his disability claim. And he has ongoing support from our case manager for his pending disability claim. 

$2,000 helped with subsidizing John’s housing costs, case manager support, the bed, showers and meals he obtained while in transition to his more appropriate and stable housing.

Let’s raise $2,000! Click here to be a part of moving a man home today!

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*Names and photos changed for privacy.

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