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Former Clients Receive Turkey Dinners

The Charlotte Knights helped 25 former guests have a brighter holiday. 

On Tuesday, Knights staff delivered frozen turkeys and stuffing to the shelter – but it didn’t stay there for long.  The Thanksgiving meals went to former clients who now live on their own.

“It means everything.  Thanksgiving is about family,” said recipient Mike Wilson.  Wilson moved into his own apartment about 6 months ago and was thankful to get a call from his case manager about the turkeys.

The donation was a great opportunity for us to follow-up with the clients who have moved out and celebrate their successes over the last year.  From July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014, 497 men moved into more appropriate housing.

Homer’s Turkey Drive also delivered turkeys to First Baptist Church, Urban Ministries and Hospitality House of Charlotte.

Let’s move one man home for the holidays today!


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Today we are raising $2,000 to move one man home.

It’s Giving Tuesday, a national day of philanthropy where compassionate people across the nation contribute to making their communities even better. For Giving Tuesday, we have a small challenge with a big impact: One man moves home today! (at least!)

Men's Shelter of Charlotte gave me shelter, an opportunity to get my education, and confidence to get on my feet.

Together we can raise $2,000 in one day to move someone into a home for the holidays. $2,000 covers the first three months of rent, application fees, security deposit, property inspection, and utilities fees.

Consider John’s story.*

John and his daughter were living with his mother but discovered that he could jeopardize his mother’s government subsidized housing. John left his mother’s home- and his daughter- with no place to go. But instead of living on the streets he had our shelter to turn to. Not only did he find a safe place to sleep, shower, and eat, he had the chance to meet with a professional case manager.

 We found out he had a disability claim pending. The case manager reached out to various community partners and agencies. Together they created a plan to support and stably house John and reunite him with his daughter, while he waits on his disability claim. And he has ongoing support from our case manager for his pending disability claim. 

$2,000 helped with subsidizing John’s housing costs, case manager support, the bed, showers and meals he obtained while in transition to his more appropriate and stable housing.

Let’s raise $2,000! Click here to be a part of moving a man home today!

Join the conversation and spread the news. Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages.

*Names and photos changed for privacy.

MSC’s Fundamental Beliefs

Over the next five weeks, I’d like to lay out and briefly discuss the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte’s (MSC) rationales for our fundamental beliefs.  These five statements frame our agency’s decision-making process, but they are more than planning or values statements.  Each statement illustrates a core belief about homelessness and sets the tone for how MSC will end homelessness for the men we serve (our mission).  First, let me introduce MSC’s fundamental beliefs:

The Men’s Shelter of Charlotte believes:

1.  Homelessness was created by society and can therefore be solved by society.

2. To successfully end their homeless experience, men need support and assistance appropriate to their individual situations; providing too much assistance is wasteful, while too little support fosters failure.

3. Shelter is more appropriate than the streets, and most other forms of housing are more appropriate then shelter.

4. Substance addiction recovery is a life-long process and best supported through a harm reduction approach.

5. The solution to ending each man’s homeless experience is through intense focus on MSC’s Equation: Income + Housing + Support = An End to Homelessness.

Tune In to Learn More

My hope is that you will join me each week as I unpack these fundamental beliefs and attempt to connect our beliefs to our daily work and, more importantly, the impact MSC is having on not just serving men experiencing homelessness, but actually helping them end their homeless experience.

So,  next week we’ll start with a brief history lesson.  Homelessness as we know it is a fairly recent creation, brought about by some interesting societal decisions.  That’s all I’ll give you for now, you’ll have to tune in next week for more of the story…

Couldn’t Be More Proud of Our Board

Nonprofits can’t exist without a Board of Directors.  While that’s legally true, I believe it should also be true in many other ways – leadership, fundraising, advocacy, fiduciary oversight, etc. At the Men’s Shelter, we have an incredibly passionate and engaged board.  They volunteer, they ask lots of great questions, they scrutinize, and they champion.  One of the reasons I’m so proud of my board is that they truly strive to set the tone for our agency, our staff, and our stakeholders. Our fiscal year begins on July 1st.  A goal our board set for this year was to make their annual financial pledges early in the fiscal year.  They did so much more!  Our board pledged more than their collective goal for this year’s budget, every board member made a pledge, and 100% of our board members paid at least a portion their pledge prior to this week’s board meeting.  Talk about setting an example for others! Having a passion for our mission is the number one criteria we use in board member selection, but all boards must help raise money.  Ours truly gets that to ask others for something you have to have skin in the game yourself.  What a privilege to work with a board so committed to the mission that they go big and go early!

All In

Written by Carson Dean, Executive Director

Earlier this week I was driving through the parking lot at our Tryon Street shelter campus about 7am when I noticed one of our 3rd shift staff heading towards his car.  He was just getting off work, so I pulled over to chat with him for a minute.  I asked how the night had gone and he responded that it had been quiet and pleasant.  Assuming I knew his next response, I then said “I bet you’re headed home to get some sleep.”  To my surprise, he told me he’d sleep later but, instead, was on his way over to a neighborhood church outreach center to help serve breakfast to folks in that community who are experiencing homelessness.  I told him I thought that was great and he said he just wanted to do things that were positive and helped others.  We continued to chat for a moment and then I pulled up to the building and he got into his car and left.  Since then, our very brief conversation has stuck with me.  I don’t know exactly how to express what I’m feeling other than I know that Anthony is all in.  More of us need to be all in.  How about you?



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