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Shelter Supports One Man’s Journey Home

“People in the shelter have a lot of potential and goals! They just need help to overcome barriers.” One former guest shares this sentiment before leaving our shelter to return to Cameroon to be reunited with family after his mother’s tragic passing.

After being laid off as a loan officer, this guest lost his housing and turned to the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte. With help from volunteers from the volunteer F3 initiative, he had the support to return home.

Through the weekly workouts, this former guest shared with F3 volunteers that he immigrated to the United States and settled in Washington D.C. With a Master’s Degree in Economic Development and a Bachelor’s in Economics, his future looked bright. After being laid off, he traveled to Charlotte in search of opportunity, only to find himself in need of emergency shelter.

While at the shelter, he chose to take advantage of a new volunteer group – F3, which stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. This dedicated group of volunteers arrives at our shelter every Tuesday at 5:30 a.m. to recruit guests to participate in the weekly workout. While there is one individual who leads the workout, everyone works out together; as equals. This former guest became a regular and found the comradery of great support in his journey to pull his life together.

Unexpectedly, he received word from his family in Cameroon that his mother died. This passing spurred his desire to move home. While he was beginning to make progress in Charlotte, he felt an intrinsic need to be with family. Upon hearing the news, his newfound F3 friends pulled together to ensure he had the funds to return home.

On his last workout, he shared a few words of wisdom. One of his most poignant stories described an elephant in Cameroon that was unable to lift itself out of a water reservoir, until another elephant gave a push and made the difference. He shared this story as an illustration of how the shelter and F3 helps men in our community.

Hear about the impact directly from this former guest! 

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