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Mr. Hunt and Our Humanity

By Executive Director Liz Clasen-Kelly

Executive Director Liz Clasen-Kelly Smiling With Mr. Hunt In His New Apartment

I know I’m not supposed to have favorites, but Mr. Hunt is one of mine.

He came to us at age 90, homeless for the first time after losing control of his finances. In describing the experience, he remarked, “That was a whole heap of a mess I never intended to get in to.”

Getting to know Mr. Hunt felt like going back in time. When talking with a woman, he would take off his hat and hold it over his heart. He would regale you with stories of being in the Air Force post-World War II and of being a librarian in New York City.

His kindness is matched by his stubbornness. Finding a housing option for him that maintained some level of independence was a must. And, we all rejoiced when he moved out earlier this month to a senior living apartment.

I shudder to think what could have happened to Mr. Hunt had Men’s Shelter of Charlotte not been there to meet him in his crisis, with shelter, food, and housing advocacy.

I also reflect, though, on the gift that Mr. Hunt’s presence provided us.

I met Mr. Hunt shortly after my grandmother’s death. Mr. Hunt’s story-telling and his sense of dignity reminded me of my grandmother, and was a comfort to me as I grieved. Watching other guest’s interact with Mr. Hunt was equally as beautiful, as various men spent time watching out for and talking with “pops.”

No doubt, all of us met each other in our time of need and in our humanity.

And that is what we do every day at Men’s Shelter of Charlotte: We meet each other in our humanity.

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