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Meet the 16 Year-Old Who Helped 100 Men

Who says teenagers aren’t engaged in community service?! Not us, that’s for sure.
Sixteen year-old Davis, a student at Charlotte Latin School had served a meal at our shelter with his dad and mom some time ago. He walked away from that experience with a different perspective for those experiencing homelessness. By coincidence, as Davis was helping with another community project (outside of Men’s Shelter), he ran into one of the men he served at the shelter. The man remembered Davis and thanked him for serving. This moved and motivated Davis to do something more.
This past summer, after talking with us, Davis set a goal to collect 100 “Intake Kits,” to include a drawstring bag, towel, shower shoes, and a lock. These kits would be provided to new guests at the shelter . . . items that are always in high demand, but low in supply.
He reached out to friends and family to raise dollars for this venture. While doing so, he also read our summer news about losing some federal funding that we’d been receiving for years – to the tune of around $88,000. From this he decided not only to raise dollars for the intake kits, but set his sights high for a goal of raising 10% of 
the dollars we lost from that funding – or $8,800.
He personally solicited folks with a letter, face-to-face asks, and phone calls.
The outpouring of support was phenomenal, with Davis reaching both his goals . . . and receiving heart-warming letters from donors who supported him. 85 donors
 contributed $10,325, which in turn was used to purchase the “intake kits” and the remaining $8,800 was given financially.
Way to go Davis!
Interested in joining Davis and helping our men? Jump to our Helping Page to find how you can get involved.

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