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Haley and Jason Yepko

Donations Make a Difference

Meet Jason and Hayley Yepko-monthly donors to the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte. MSC provided 206,273 nights of shelter in FY2011-12 which represents a 14% increase in men served during the same time period last year. Meeting our community’s need has come at a cost and we need the financial support of individuals, like Jason and Hayley, to continue our work to serve as the catalyst for systemic change to end homelessness in our community.

Jason says: “Hayley and I moved to Charlotte in early 2011. I happened to learn about the Men’s Shelter early on and started to volunteer-helpeing out in the kitchen from time to time in the mornings before I went to work.

As I got to know the residents a little better and began hearing some of their stories and learning about their aspirations for the future… it became clear, pretty quickly that they were seeking the same fresh start that drove Hayley and I to leave our life in Georgia behind for a new beginning to the next chapter of our lives.

I reflect on a few of their stories often, as I’m always mindful that a lot of us in society could face a similar fate if only a few events didn’t go the right way at the right time. It makes me mindful of the golden rule and of how I would want somebody to believe in and pull for me, if I was in a similar circumstance.

Giving of time and financial resources to the Men’s Shelter has been a cornerstone of our continued giving and tithing plan. Collectively, all of our combined minutes and dollars spent supporting the Men’s Shelter have an aggregated affect of changing many people’s lives for the better.”

MSC is thankful to the Yepkos and all of our donors who make our work possible. Please make your donation and help move men home today.

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