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20+ Years of Homelessness Finally Ended

Urban Ministry Center Moore Place

For Cedric*, experiencing homelessness was a way of life. Twenty plus years of life, in fact. In and out of Men’s Shelter of Charlotte, our team patiently worked to cultivate and grow a trusted relationship with Cedric. Struggling with severe mental illness, Cedric needed significant support. That support started with us and ultimately found him a home with Moore Place, permanent supportive housing created by Urban Ministry Center.

The notion of “it takes a village” certainly held true for helping Cedric. His two decades of homelessness took him to two states, several shelters, and eventually, the streets. The “village of help” took some unconventional turns including candy, cigarettes, bagged lunches, microwavable ravioli and finally – relationships. In the end, it was these relationships that helped Cedric become housed.

Urban Ministry Center’s Moore Place exists for the “Cedrics” of the world, those struggling with significant disabling conditions who can succeed with independent living while surrounded by a community of support. Cedric began developing relationships at Men’s Shelter of Charlotte where we provided supportive staff, basic needs, and kept him off the streets.  The simple tasks of obtaining his photo ID and social security card, both of which are necessary for housing, seemed monumental tasks with Cedric’s struggles. Our staff’s persistence, patience, and investments in candy and ravioli paid off – twenty years of homelessness were ended when Cedric signed his lease last month.

Men’s Shelter of Charlotte – providing safe emergency shelter while working to end homelessness for each man!

(*) Note, Cedric is not this guest’s real name. Name is protected to maintain confidentiality.


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